Mipro Portable PA - MA808
Mipro Portable PA - MA808
Mipro Portable PA - MA808
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Mipro Portable PA - MA808

Product Code: 1050
Not available for online purchasing
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Two-way, high powered portable PA system with ultimate power and flexibility.

Available with multi-channel wireless mic and CD/MP3/USB player options.

This all-in-one package delivers a powerful 250 Watts of exceptionally clear sound reinforcement for either speech or music applications. A host of innovative features and impressive performance make the MA808 the ideal portable PA system.

Ideal applications include

■Seminars, conferences and trade shows
■School assemblies and carnivals
■Shopping centre presentations and promotions
■Sporting events
■Church services and weddings
■Health and fitness
■Parades and fetes
MA808 Ordering Codes

No Wireless Receivers   
MA808PA MA808 portable PA. Includes corded microphone
MA808PACD As per MA808PA, but including a CDM2 CD, MP3 & USB player, complete with remote control

UHF Receiver Series   
MA808PAM Portable UHF Portable PA system c/w a 16 channel UHF wireless microphone receiver. Use with ACT series transmitters, below. A second UHF receiver module may be added if required. See MRM70 below
MA808CDM As per MA808PAM but also including a CDM2 CD, MP3 & USB player, complete with remote control
Transmitters and Accessories
ACT707HE Handheld transmitter
ACT707TE Beltpack transmitter with lapel mic
ATC303 Speaker stand. Heavy duty, 101-178cm
ATC619S Microphone, head worn, mini XLR4F to suit Mipro beltpacks.
CDM2 CD, MP3, USB player option for the MA808. Includes remote control
MA808CVR Dust/weather cover for the MA808 series
MA808EXP Extension speaker for MA808
MM107 Microphone. Dynamic, cardioid, general purpose, 200 ohms, 6m lead c/w on/off switch
MRM70 Receiver module, UHF, 16 channel
MU53H Microphone. Headworn uni electret, suit Mipro ACT707 Series. With MSF4
MU55HN Headworn microphone, waterproof, black
MU55HNS Headworn microphone, waterproof, beige
MU55L Microphone. Slimline lapel, black
MU55LS Microphone. Slimline lapel, beige
MTM90 Wireless Interlinking transmitter module for MA808 (frequency band 8A)
MRM708A Receiver module, UHF, 16 channel on 8A band. Fit into MA705, 707 and 808 to receive from an MTM90 transmitter installed in an MA808 series portable PA
MRM72 Two receiver modules on mounting plate for MA808. Use in MTM90 slot (if MTM90 not used). Provides MA808 with the ability to support up to four wireless receivers (e.g. two MRM70s and one MRM72). 

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